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This neatly designed app will show you your personal countdowns (e.g. appointments, birthdays, anniversaries) in a very creative way. It will display the time measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and even heart beats. For instance, the 1000 days event app will show you how many breaths it takes till your next holidays start, or it will calculate the time till your next birthday, or any other event you created in the app.

How it works

Just enter the title of your event, the date, choose a background (photo or video) – and it’s done!

Design it

Create your own unique design. You can choose from many beautiful backgrounds, and even background videos. A short beautiful video as a background has a very lively touch and makes your event very unique. To highlight your personal taste you can even adjust the text/font colour or the background layer colour.

Stay informed

A great new feature is the video-widget. You do not have to open the app anymore to see your countdowns. Your events will be visible directly on your main screen if you add the widget function – even with your personal background video.

Share it

Share it! With one click only you can share your personal event with your friends or family via your favourite social networks, emails or SMS. A LITTLE TIP: Sharing your status will remove the ads in the app ;).

Make the benchmark of 1000 days to your personal event (‘together since’, ‘in love since’, ‘next holidays in’), or simply to any other occasion to celebrate any event in your life. With great features such as the screen recording you can easily record your live video-countdown in your app, and share it with one click only with your friends and family.

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Great functions to show


1. Get started – customize your countdown by using long tap function




2. We count everything, even heartbeats


  • Combination (Years & Months & Days & Hour)

  • Seconds

  • Minutes

  • Hours

  • Days

  • Weeks

  • Months

  • Quarters

  • Years, Heartbeats, Eye Winks, Breaths